Rob Pike and Ken Thompson designed the Go language. Lets see why choose Go language for software development. Coding languages are unable to keep up with advancements in hardware. GoLang is designed keeping in mind to reduce compilation time, ease to code and solve problems from present programming languages.

1. Less compiling time

We are not talking about hello world program. A complex project like for example a browser consists of many lines of code. Whether it’s the case with adding new features, debugging or solving errors, a clean rebuild will be done before pushing it live. Well, this is where it takes a lot of time.

Compiling time is more as the system must load all dependencies, check all lines of code and lots of stuff. In GoLang, the whole working model is different. It does not need to include headers, no inline functions, no templates and one important point to note is that GoLang is an assembly language. The code you write is directly converted to assembler code which is readable by hardware.  


2. Cross platform

Develop the application once and use it on different platforms without any extra work. Yes, GoLang gives us this opportunity to develop apps which are cross-platform compatible. The executables will work on WINDOWS, LINUX, and MAC.  


3. Open source

We have lots of advantages with languages being open source. Some of the advantages are online materials are readily available to learn, communities are ready to help, updates to language at regular intervals with a contribution by programmers all over the world and much more.  

Best example would be Android and IOS. Android is open source while IOS is not. People get to find solutions for almost every problem they face and all you need to do is to search on the Internet. Official documentation pages are available to learn android development free of cost. You find skins, themes, OS, apps and much more to try out with Android.

These all are not possible with IOS. I am not criticizing or downgrading but just trying to tell the advantages being open source and GoLang is open source.   


4. Google support

Google is developing GoLang. Hence it is sure that they will show support, publish regular updates, fix bugs, answer community questions so that more people will know the value of this language and start using it. Google has already given us some of the days to day using applications like Gmail, Google maps, Drive, Youtube and much more for free of cost. We can be sure to change to GoLang as it’s a Google product and has a lot of advantages.


5. Easy to learn

From FORTRAN to C, PASCAL, SQL, C++, MATLAB, PYTHON Web Development, all of these languages are developed one after the other. They are developed to overcome the disadvantages of the previous ones. There are more than 256 programming languages in the world and each one serves a purpose.

Developers kept a point in mind to make the coding easier for programmers along with solving bugs. That’s why coding is getting easier whenever new languages released into the market. Let’s not forget that coding is not that easy. But developers are trying their bit to cut off lengthy program lines to execute a function.

GoLang is easy to learn and easy to code. As it has no exceptions, constructors, generics, inheritance, and classes, writing the code, modifying and debugging has become a lot easier.  



It is true that people are already frustrated with many programming languages available. But we are humans and not Gods. An invention or discovery may solve an issue but will have drawbacks. To fix those issues, we will come up with more ideas. The same is happening with programming languages. Coming to GoLang, it is developed, supported and monitored by Google. It has advantages and gives solutions to many problems which existing languages are unable to solve. I would personally advise to go for Go Lang for software development as it has scope in many industries in near future.