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Under the ambit of custom application development comes various different kinds of application development. From light applications performing standard functions to complex e-commerce portals, CRMs, Field Service Management Softwares, ERPs, Chatbots, NLP, ML and AI based applications codism have been developing it all for you.

Our take on Custom Application Development

At Codism, we are one of the best custom application development companies. We exercise top notch expertise in developing applications that are customized for the needs of our clients. As an IT design and development company specializing in custom application development, we have put together a highly skilled team of developers, who have had several years of experience specifically in the field of custom application development. Our team is adequately equipped with the latest technologies and tools, and hence is able to meet all the needs and requirements of our clients – from concept planning to UI design and finally the actual development part of the custom application.

While developing applications that are market worthy is in itself a task of expertise, not following a set framework and customizing applications as per individual needs of the organization calls for a greater attention to detail, and understanding of the market and years of experience. At Codism, we know how to develop and deliver just that. Some of the striking features of the custom applications that we develop for our clients include a high degree of flexibility, well coordinated user interface, well defined and neat functions, and an adaptive design providing portability to the application. Moreover, our well structured development process leads to deep rooted insight which helps in responding to the changing market trends in an efficient and iterative manner.

Our take on Custom Application Development

About Custom Application Development

Software requirements of organizations have largely evolved over the years. With the advancements in technologies available, our clients now want the software which fit into their organizational needs as precisely as it can go. Generalized templates for software and applications do not work anymore. The designing and development of applications cut to the specific needs of our clients is precisely what we do in custom software development.

The options available in the customizable approach of software development are immense. The customization can be something as basic as adding the organization’s logo on each frame in the application, to exclusively developing features and functions to be used by the employees of the organization. It not only helps the organization function in a better and more efficient way but also enhanced the business to business and business to customer linkups.

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    Maximize technology investment

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    Optimized business process

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    Emphasize your business acumen

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    Everyone can access the data they need

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    Automate repetitive tasks

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    Facilitate collaboration

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    It’s Tailor Made

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    Consistently Maintained

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Advantages of Custom Application Development

Personalized solution

Custom Application development is the personalized way of developing the application for your business. Depending on the nature and demand of your business, and the target audience of your business, Application is completely customized.

Cost effective

Developing a custom software may turn out to be costlier. But the functions and features that you get from Custom Applications are unique, best suitable for your business forte and is unparallel to any of the readily available template mobile applications.


As and when your business expands, your need and purpose will too. Hence, Customized Application Development comes into picture. You can change your mind, plan and increase your audience size, we will implement it for you flawlessly and effectively with latest trending technologies.

Application Development process by codism

The applications that are template based or readily available to be customized is less secure. Source codes can be easily available and hackers can have it to their advantages. The customized application stands strong in the matter of security and privacy policies.

Lasts in Long Term

Custom software does not require constant and frequent change or any other extra development to suit company requirements. They can be used without any investment for a long time. They are cost-efficient and run in the long term.


An organization uses much more software for its own operations and other purposes. Custom building software takes those into consideration and develops it to be compatible with other company tools. Template or readily available software commonly causes integration issues which do not occur in custom developed applications.

Custom Application Development by codism

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Why Choose Us?

100% Transparency

Codism as your development agency believes in keeping the development progress transparent with stakeholders. Our team of project management shares the weekly/daily updates with stakeholders on regular basis to keep you abreast with the progress of your application.

On-Time Delivery

Codism has been successful in meeting the project deadlines for all our clients. Codism shares the project plan prior to the development with it’s client in terms of project deadlines. As we understand time-lines is key to generate your investors interest in your product.

Flexible Engagement Model

Having the right engagement model for your product is essential to plan a better Go to Market strategy. Codism is flexible enough for fixed cost based project and also Time and Material based project. We are open to discuss your project MVP and get it done to a point, where it needs to be.

Competitive Pricing

Every Software project begins with having the set budget in mind. We are competitive with pricing as we have an offshore development center and all the implementation is been carried out at our off shore development center. We as a company do consult our clients with setting the right investment plan to drive for your product.


Potential Benefits of Custom App Development with Codism

Custom application development is a complex task and requires the highest degree of expertise that is available 24X7 to get things done for you. Here we tell you how Codism can help you achieve your goals with its top notch custom application development services.

done Application Design that is Responsive

Each new customization to a custom application leads to a slew of changes in the design and overall functioning of the app, which often loses its responsive features in the process. However, with Codism, you will never have to worry about silly things as that.

done Comprehensive Application design and user interface

At Codism we lay special emphasis on the designing of the applications, and their user experience. We believe that the design constitutes an integral part of the custom application development process, and that’s exactly what sets us apart from our competitors.

done Installation & Configuration

We provide end to end services in mobile development, and also take care of complete installation and configuration of the applications developed by us. We also enlist the necessary software and hardware configurations so you have a seamless experience with the custom apps.

done Support & Maintenance

At Codism, we believe in hand holding our clients in their journey to success. We help our clients deal with any difficulties that may arise, through our efficient support and maintenance services. With all the amazing advantages of custom application development, there should be little doubt that every organization today is opting for it.

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