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Wordpress have made the website creation and development a cake walk. It is comprised of pre-designed templates and is loaded with all the necessary plugins. We extend the website in the platform that is already been easily customizable.

Our Top-notch WordPress Services

WordPress allows you to be you. The tradition of static websites is long gone. Numerous sites have emerged fulfilling the specific requirements and each with some different perspective. Few of them include e-commerce, Q&A, portfolio, blogs, auction websites and so on. Even if templates fulfill 80% of your requirement, there is still 20% work left, right? And even slightest innovation counts on your business.

We at codism provide variety of wordpress development services that fulfill your needs. Whether it is developing a site from scratch, migration of existing site to wordpress or a customizable plugin, we do the work for you.

Our Top-notch WordPress Services

WordPress site development

We develop the full-fledged site from rough ideas. Of course, we are saying this statement from the beginning and we mean it. We develop wordpress sites from scratch. We develop a site understanding your needs and developing the site to appear it innovative and creative in every aspect. Even the smallest attribute of the site reflect the skillsets of the developer. And creative engineering of the site is the pride we take over.

We are professionals and we do everything in a professional way. We do the wordpress development by developing the website design first in photoshop based on your input. You will agree or give some changes to that design. We modify and work on it till the customers like it on a whole. If customer is fully satisfied with the design, we will start with coding.

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    Ease of Use

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    Customized easily

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    Easy Installation of add-on and plugins

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    Extremely user friendly

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    Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go

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    Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

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    Built Woocommerce Web Shop related Features

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    Third Party Integration

Significance of WordPress Website Development

SEO friendly

Making your website getting displayed on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is not easy. On page, off page SEO and many more things should be done to drive the relative traffic to your site visible in search engine results. Plugins in wordpress assist in making the website SEO friendly.

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Embed complex applications with ease

We just discussed about static site but a pure business site requires lot more things like FB page liker, news section, events, register and login, saving profiles and much more. I would not say these can be done easily with wordpress but embedding these kinds of apps in website is easier with wordpress compared to other platforms.

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We are proud to earn the tag of success by working on these WordPress development projects. Visit the portfolio to know the detailed story.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment

We respect and take our commitments seriously. Once a project is accepted, we work accordingly, set time frames, complete tasks and finish the work as per scheduled time. We do not encourage excuses, postponements of works and complete the tasks on time with wordpress development.

Skilled developers

One of the reasons for our confidence is php developers working with us. We have skilled, experienced and certified developers that pull off the job with no margin of error. No software is 100% bug free. Errors rise due to some reasons. As we have qualified developers, we will fix issues (if present) before users know it.

On time delivery

We give an estimate of development time on the basis of your requirement. Even if you want it quick, we take all things into consideration for wordpress development and give you the delivery time. Once given, we stick to it, complete the work (websites/plugins/bug-fixes) and give to customers on time.

Customer Support

If you have opted our service for maintenance and support of your website, you are obviously our customers. We respond to your query mails as soon as possible. Once we understand the core reason of problem, our developers will get into action and solve it.

Our In-House Skilled WordPress Developers

done Plugin development

Plugins that are pre-installed and ready to use, needs some customization to meet your requirement. Few customers need sign up alert box right when users visit the site. Few need the same thing but not as an alert box but to stay on a particular section of website. The wordpress development requirements vary with customers. We develop plugins that fulfill the needs.

We develop the plugin from scratch and we even customize the existing plugins to make it work for the website. We value the time of customers and do as much work to develop as quick as possible with efficiency.

done Maintenance and Support

A website may crash for any reason. It may be for code errors, hosting, domain, virus, hackers and list goes on. It will be good to have developers for maintenance of your website to regularly check for problems and solve if any arise.

We do that pretty well and as said above, customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Along with wordpress development, we do the maintain and provide support for your websites making sure your business is up and running all the time. All the Software/app development needs to come along with the maintenance plan and strategy to avoid last minute havoc.

done Responsive websites

We now live in a world full of gadgets. They exist in different sizes. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC and so on. It is important for the websites to stay responsive. They should adjust to the sizes of devices and get displayed accordingly.

There is no rule that customers and regular internet users have to visit the website only on PC or laptop. They might visit from smart phones, why not? We keep this important thing in mind during wordpress development and make sure that your website is responsive.

“First impression is the best impression” and if your site is not responsive, you might lose a customer in a split second due to wrong impression on your website.

done Reality

We believe that examples deliver the message quickly so let’s consider that you need a static website for example. The same site to develop with plain code like html, css and js will take certain number of days. Header, sections, footer, site design, responsiveness and things like this must be coded.

This same requirement will be done in just 10 minutes with wordpress development. There are plenty of free templates and all you need to do is select one. Time is saved, plenty of options, default responsiveness comes with templates (no need to code separately) and lot of advantages exist with wordpress development.

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