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The software testing services provided by Codism consist of a range of activities, starting from regular maintenance and up gradation of existing applications to testing of new software products ready to be launched in the market. We have had a remarkable experience efficiently and successfully implementing all kinds of projects.

QA Services (Software Testing) by Codism

Codism is a software services company which provides end-to-end, complete IT solutions for the clients. In the string of services that are offered by Codism, we also provide top notch quality assurance and software testing services. We have put in place dedicated systems and processes for the purpose. We have an excellently skilled and highly experienced team of professionals who work together to provide the best in industry software testing services to the clients. Moreover, our team of experts is adequately equipped with the latest technologies and tools, and hence is able to meet all the requirements of our clients, as far as software testing and quality assurance are concerned.

At Codism, we are well aware of the needs of our clients and believe in delivering on the agreed terms and conditions. At the same time, we, as a software services company which is at par with the best companies in the market, we never shy away from going out of our way to meet the business goals of our clients.


About Quality Assurance / Software Testing

The process of software design and development has evolved to a great extent over the years. Today, software testing has become an integral part of the whole process of software development. It involves proper testing of various aspects of software, which include performance, specifications, functions, and usability. The process of software testing and quality assurance plays a very important role in detecting any deficiencies or errors in the software product before it is delivered for use or is formally launched in the marketplace. The correction of such errors is followed by the primary testing, and the product is then tested once again to label it just perfect.

The testing process consisted of a number of steps, and the whole mechanism can be customized based on the nature of the project and the needs of the client. It can be something as basic as omitting the unnecessary steps in the software testing process, to introducing specially designed tests and analysis phases for the projects.

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    Saves You Money, Time and Efforts

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    Inspires Client Confidence

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    Maintains Great User Experience

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    Boosts Customer Satisfaction

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    Promotes Organization, Productivity, and Efficiency

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Benefits Of Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Advantages of Software Testing

Software testing, over the years, has become essential for good quality software development and is no more an option for the clients. It not just helps in the quality assurance for a software product, but also saves the customers and clients from any embarrassment that may be faced due to errors arousing in the software products.

Error detection

Detecting the errors in a software product is one of the primary motivating behind software testing. While developing large scale, complex software solutions, and custom applications, errors are bound to erupt in, despite the most skilled and experienced teams working with the best technologies on the projects.

Benefits Of Quality Assurance

Improving the Quality

Apart from the errors, certain shortcomings in the software products may be discovered during the testing process. Additionally, the testing engineers may also come up with better and more efficient methods that can be used to improve the quality of the software product.

Usability, Feedback, and Reviews

Certain phases in the testing procedure also involve checking the working and implementation of the product in real time. The software products are tested on various platforms and devices to discover the shortcomings if any. Moreover, it also involves collecting feedback and reviews from the users of these products, for improvement.

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We are proud to earn the tag of success by working on these QA & Software Testing projects.

Why Choose Codism for Quality Assurance / Software Testing Services?

While testing may appear as a secondary task that is simple to implement, in reality, it requires a great deal of expertise to properly test the software products for quality assurance. At Codism, we have with us just the right team, with the right skills and the relevant experience to test your software products. Here is how Codism can help you achieve your goals with its top notch quality assurance services.

done Best Software Testing Procedure

At Codism, we have developed our testing procedures after a thorough research and all round considerations. Our procedure is well suited for all your testing requirements and we make sure that our clients achieve their desired results through our testing services.

done Efficient testing for all kinds of software

We have developed testing techniques that are well suited to test and assure the quality of different kinds of software products. These include simple mobile applications, web applications as well as custom applications.

done Custom Testing Procedures

At Codism, we also understand that different clients and their different kinds of applications may need to be tested differently. Therefore, we often develop customized and dedicated testing procedures for different projects. This way, we make sure that each project is tested in the best possible way.

done Support & Maintenance Services

At Codism, we believe in hand holding our clients in their journey to success. We help our clients deal with any difficulties that may arise throughout the software development life cycle, through our efficient support and maintenance services.

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