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    Hire the Best PHP Developers on Contract – from Codism

    PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular scripting languages out there – with widespread general purpose applications. PHP is being used today as a scripting language for the server side of web pages, and also for desktop and mobile application development. Needless to say, experienced professionals having some superlative skills in the domain PHP development are always in demand. With the limited number of quality professionals, increased demand and rising compensations, getting the right developer for your next PHP project can be an uphill task. Even if after a great deal of effort you succeed at finding one, your budget doesn’t allow you to hire them as full-time employees. As far as freelancers are concerned, you can’t really lay your trust and depend on them! Then what can one do? If you are also stuck in a similar situation, which is preventing you from building the next big thing, we have just the perfect solution for you.

    At Codism, we are a rapidly growing and dynamic software development and IT services company. We have worked on a variety of projects in the last few years, and in the process we have been able to put together a highly competent team of IT professionals, which include multifunctional professionals like software engineers, designers, and coders, as well as specialists skilled in specific technologies like Java, Python, PHP, and WordPress etc. As far as our PHP expertise is concerned, after having successfully designed, developed and deployed a large number of PHP based products over the past some time, we can very confidently claim that we have one of the best PHP developers out there in the industry. And guess what? We let you hire this immense pool of talent on a contract, and gain from their highly placed skills.

    Why opt for contractual PHP services?

    Cost Saving

    One of the key benefits of hiring PHP professionals on contract is that it helps you bring down your manpower costs by a great margin. The contractual services by Codism are project specific and time-bound. You need to pay only for the amount of work done or the amount of time spent by the professional on your projects. Even by those standards, Codism provides one of the most cost-effective services in terms of PHP professionals on contract.

    Time Efficiency

    Along with the costs, by hiring PHP developers from the talent pool of Codism can help you in saving a lot of your precious time and effort. Developers with varying levels of skills can be swiftly outsourced from a reliable firm like Codism, and the time you would otherwise devote to searching, recruiting and deploying candidates is nowhere in the scene. Further, you can count on outsourcing the manpower required every time you are to start a new project, getting rid of one of your worries.

    Quality Assured

    When hiring professionals from a top-notch firm like Codism, the last thing that you need to worry about is their competency. The contractual model of professional hiring is something completely different from hiring freelancers. The developers that you would hire from an existing firm on a contract basis would invariably come with a proven track record and a considerable body of work.

    How does it work!

    • You express your interest in hiring PHP developers from Codism on a contractual basis.
    • We do an audit of your PHP project, gauge your requirements and match the best of our talent with it.
    • A mutual discussion on the requirements, project timelines and deliverables.
    • Closing the contract, the start of a mutually beneficial partnership.
    • Extensive and high quality of engaging work by our PHP developers on your project and a time bound delivery.

    What makes our PHP professionals different?

    While by now you must have clearly understood the importance of outsourcing IT manpower for your business, it is important to hire the best in the best. After all, much of the success of your projects depends upon the capabilities of the people working on them. Here we give you a few reasons, why the PHP developers from the house of Codism can be your knights in the shining armor!

    • All of the PHP developers that we outsource to our clients are experienced professionals, with an average experience of 2-5 years specifically in the technology.

    • We put a lot of effort in continuously up skilling and reskilling our employees with the advance in the technologies.

    • Each one of our PHP developers has been hired after following a stringent recruitment process. Still, you can test them through trial work, and pick and choose based on your own requirements. Our developers also possess a massive body of work reflected through their portfolios, helping you judge their competencies even better.

    • The PHP employee outsourcing services of Codism are highly flexible and dynamic in nature. We are always ready to adapt to your project and C requirements, with respect to the timeline and deliverables.

    • The work ethics and professionalism of our PHP developers is one of our USPs. When hiring a professional from Codism, you would never get an opportunity to complain of misconduct or even a missed deadline for that matter!

    • Lastly, but most importantly, we have fixed extremely reasonable compensation for our PHP developers. We understand that a greater proportion of our clients are facing financial constraints, and hence the prices that you can’t refuse!


    Are not these enough reasons to opt for PHP developer outsourcing in the first place, and that too from the pool of Codism. You can save tonnes of money, unload a lot of your human resources burden, move things around for your business in a quick fashion, and achieve new professional heights in no time. Hiring expert PHP developers of Codism is your way to go, call us to discuss the collaboration today!

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