Our Team

Our team is our greatest resource. We have brilliant friendly team, and we have been gradually growing based on rise in demands for our great services & products. Our super work ethic is experimental and fast paced, so we can grab every opportunity as quickly as possible Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients is a credit to their quality and their leadership. As experienced marketers, designers, creative heads, developers, project managers, our people have the strategic, planning and creative skills to conceive, design, develop and implement the most optimal solutions to meet your requirements.



Work Culture

Codism provides a supportive work culture to employees. The workforce with Codism enjoys flexibility in working environment that encourages creativity and skills development. Codism is a place where work is challenging, where innovation and initiatives are rewarded, where talent is meant to showcase the creativity and where employees are encouraged to leverage their strengths. We take yearly staff trips to beautiful destinations across the world. Every location planned is exquisite & a refreshing break away from the office. We believe by exploring the world, we tend to reveal the hidden potence within. Work Culture defines and decides the work efficiency. Hence we maintain it free. Free to elaborate, free to expand and free to explore beyond the general.

Training and Sessions

Training and learning session are very important. We call Thursday afternoons ‘beta Thursday’, giving the development team a chance to unravel new technologies and away from their current workload. Ideas from ‘Beta Thursdays’ often have a major impact on the future projects and allow the developers to be always up to date. Our employees are always motivated to think out of the box and possess a “will-do attitude”. we value our employee the most and hence focus on the overall development of every individual associated with us of which learning is an important part.