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In the realms of web application development, at Codism, we provide complete end to end solutions. We develop various different kinds of applications with Angular, starting from simple content-based applications to fairly complex e-commerce portals. We have the capability and expertise for it all.

Web Application Development Services by Codism using Angular

Web Apps today hold a very important place when it comes to accessing and using the internet for new, emerging applications. At Codism, we duly understand the outburst in the field of web application development, both in terms of technologies and acceptability. We provide high-end web application development services for our clients, using Angular. We have with us a robust team of highly skilled developers, who come with several years of experience working on Angular and other technologies. Well aware of the nuances of the technology, our team is able to meet all the needs of the clients – from concept planning, to UI design and finally the actual development part.

All the projects that we work on and all the applications that we develop share some key features – higher conversion rate, seamless navigation, soothing user interface, and an adaptive design. Moreover, our well-structured development process leads to deep-rooted insight which helps in responding to the changing market trends in an efficient and iterative manner.

Web Application Development Services by Codism using Angular

About Angular

Angular is the best technology that is available to the date, used to develop formidable web applications in an easy and efficient manner. A greater number of web applications being built today use Angular only. And it is, for a reason! Angular framework has largely simplified the front-end development process, apart from making it possible for the developers to deploy a complete range of new features and functions. Moreover, Angular is an open source framework which makes it even more adaptable and developer friendly. These, and several other key benefits of using Angular as a programming framework for web application development have been described in key points:

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    Simple architecture

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    Improved Design Architecture

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    A Declarative User Interface

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    Lesser code and increased development efficiency

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    Code Reusability

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    Improved server performance

Benefits of using Angular for Web Application Development

Web application development using Angular brings in a lot on the table and has advantages which put it ahead of any other means of application design and development. Here we discuss in detail some of the main benefits of using Angular:

Simple to use

Web application building framework offered by Angular is designed in a way, that it is easy to use and implement. A wide variety of templates and plugins are readily available, using which one can develop a basic web application in a matter of minutes. Moreover, Angular interface is neat and hassle-free.

Features that are exclusive

There is a complete string of things that you can implement easily on the Angular framework, which otherwise are either not doable, or are very complex to implement on any other platform or framework. It provides the developers with ready to use features and save a lot of time and effort for the clients and developers respectively.

Angular for Web Application

The trust of Google

Angular is a platform that is directly supported by Google. This not only testifies of its technological robustness but also brings in a lot of credibility in the minds of the users. What this means is that while working on Angular, the last thing you have to worry about is the trust issues.

The Open source advantage

Angular, being an open-source, community-driven framework, has many related advantages. A framework is said to be open-source when many individuals can contribute towards its improvement and advancement. What this means is that Angular keeps updating regularly, and any bugs or difficulties in its use can be solved readily.


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We are proud to earn the tag of success by working on these Web Application Development projects using Angular.

Why Choose Us?

100% Transparency

Codism as your development agency believes in keeping the development progress transparent with stakeholders. Our team of project management shares the weekly/daily updates with stakeholders on regular basis to keep you abreast with the progress of your application.

On-Time Delivery

Codism has been successful in meeting the project deadlines for all our clients. Codism shares the project plan prior to the development with it’s client in terms of project deadlines. As we understand time-lines is key to generate your investors interest in your product.

Flexible Engagement Model

Having the right engagement model for your product is essential to plan a better Go to Market strategy. Codism is flexible enough for fixed cost based project and also Time and Material based project. We are open to discuss your project MVP and get it done to a point, where it needs to be.

Competitive Pricing

Every Software project begins with having the set budget in mind. We are competitive with pricing as we have an offshore development center and all the implementation is been carried out at our off shore development center. We as a company do consult our clients with setting the right investment plan to drive for your product.


Why Choose Codism for Web Application Development Services using Angular?

done Extend the Application Functionality

We can add several new features to your application, and give a completely new dimension. For example, if you want a slider or a gallery on your application, we can do that for you, with the help of our team of expert Angular developers.

done 100 Percent Customizable Application

At Codism, we believe that each of our clients is unique, and so are their requirements. Therefore, our experts develop applications that solve problems for you and are customizable to provide unique experiences to your customers, taking your business to new heights.

done Flexibility

Flexibility is the USP of web application development by Codism. Exploiting all the features offered by the Angular framework to the fullest, we develop applications that can expand in a wide range.

done Responsive Mobile development

We also ensure that the applications that we create are compatible with all kinds of Smart phones, with varying hardware features, operating systems and screen size etc.

done Simple Administration

We develop streamlined administration for the applications, with efficient tools to handle traffic spikes, server failures, and database breakouts. We ensure that the application does not go down, and all technical issues are administered properly in the minimum possible time frame.

done Installation & Configuration

We provide end to end services in web app development, and also take care of complete installation and configuration of Angular based applications. Our only purpose is to do all the essentials for you and let you reap the advantages of the end product, to the fullest

done Application Template Design

We also design exclusive web application templates in order to give your applications a unique and refreshing look and help you stand out in the competition.

done Support & Maintenance

At Codism, we believe in hand holding our clients in their journey to success. We help our clients deal with any difficulties that may arise, through our efficient support and maintenance services.

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