.NET has been around for almost two decades (18 years) and it really has matured a lot over these years. You can develop complex dot net applications using .Net. It provides a Common Language Runtime that can provide a lot of useful functions other than executing code including memory management, Security etc.

.NET’s different implementations which support working of .NET applications over uses and platforms like Websites, servers, Windows, Mobiles and more. .NET also provides a .NET standard API that is common to all the implementations.

So, with that standard, you can comfortably write applications that are intended to run on all the platforms and the part of making it work will be overseen by the .NET. There are so many types of dot net applications that you can develop through .NET.

Types of Dot Net Applications:

Desktop applications:

.NET can be used for a lot of complex applications that run in Windows, MacOS and Linux. It supports the development of console based applications which are a bit difficult for novices to use but are quite powerful for advanced people.

.NET for windows allows you to develop GUI applications, which are generally form based. In addition to that, you can create Windows services that can run on the Windows system for a long time as background processes.

Web Applications & Services:

Web applications seldom are static. .NET will help to create web application servers that can receive requests from the HTML pages using standard protocols and produce dynamic responses for them. Using its power of networking, you can create a wide range of applications starting with simple websites to advanced enterprise applications that use local and remote networks.

Rather than building an entire application, you can also build sort of web callable functionality through .NET via the standards of HTTP,XML,SOAP.

Mobile applications:

With the .NET implementation of Xamarin and Mono, .NET applications could be run on mobile. While you can develop the android applications on any desktop operating system, you cannot build iOS applications on other desktop systems than MacOS because of the licensing restrictions. There are a lot of choices available for back end development.

In addition to them, you can also create many specific libraries and technologies exist for creating a range of specific applications including:

  • Cloud apps: You can use already built cloud systems like Azure or create and deploy your own custom cloud system using .NET.
  • Video games: Game engines like Unity, MonoGame and Cry engine use the power of .NET and … to develop games and interactive applications. You can build and deploy your game to different platforms easily with them
  • Internet of Things: .NET programmers can use the .NET core to build IOT applications that can easily run on boards like Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board, Pin64 and lots others! …. and lots more.

Due to its versatility, .NET is becoming more and more popular and used. If you need any application developed on .NET and are actively looking for a dot net application development company, we offer high quality services for .NET application development! Contact us and we will get started!