As an open source innovation, the .NET framework is utilized by a great many programming developers . This has prodded the development of different third-party development tools. To hear a direct point of view on the most significant and helpful dot net development tools out there. 

.Net is a really useful web application and web development platform. Microsoft has developed this open-source framework for all software developers. If you look at some of its special features, it is safe, robust and most importantly, it is user friendly. 

There are millions of web developers who use it to build applications and websites. .Net also uses third-party tools for development. These tools are very good support for development. 

Now here we will look at some of the tools that web developers use and these tools will be the best in 2020.

1) Microsoft Visual Studio 

Microsoft’s Visual Studio has an integrated development environment that supports many computer languages. These include C / C ++, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual J #, Visual C #, Python, Ruby, XML / XSLT, HTML / XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Another feature included in this is code editor and code debugger. Visual Studio is a productivity booster for web development.

2) Nuget 

Nuget is a tool that allows us to share a particular code, such as in a workgroup, in a specific community. It is the largest database of third party components for .NET as it contains over 98 thousand packages. NuGet supports many languages ​​including .NET framework packages and native packages written in C ++.

3) Resharper 

This is another tool that creates a safe and secure and robust environment while developing a .NET application is Resharper. It updates automatically and brings new things. Let’s give it another name, we can call it an extension of visual studio. Why do web developers choose these tools? The puzzle is analyzed so that if you miss a code, it is analyzed and corrected. It has this inbuilt feature so many web developers are looking at this ReSharper tool with great futuristic hope.

4) Bytescout 

It is a widely used platform and contains multitools that are helpful for .NET developers. With this, we can easily convert images, text to PDF format. Various functionalities of Bytescout generated PDF include removing pictures, separating meta information, converting pdf to exceed expectations, splitting PDF archives, etc. Users can easily set the security settings as per their requirements.

5) LinQPad 

Speaking of this tool, it is a utility that targets the .NET database framework. LINQ has a built-in debugger, and so it can give instant feedback. LinQpad is a kind of notepad of LINQ. This is used to test LINQ Querry or any  C# or any basic program.

6) Chocolaty 

It is also a windows package manager and becoming one of the desirable works with all the current programming establishment innovations, like NSIS, MSI, and InnoSetup alongside runtime binaries and zip archives.

7) NCrunch 

NCrunch is a tool used by many developers. It is a code testing and quality of code improving tool. The test runs at the same time as the developers write the code. NCruch fetches important data from the tested code so that developers can improve code quality simultaneously.


There are many other tools used for .NET application Development projects. Here are some of the top tools we have just discussed. There are many such dot net development tools in the market, we use these tools to complete our tasks with great efficiency and speed.