Let us take an example that you want to build an e-commerce website. You may be in a confused state about what to choose in “Shopify or WordPress”.

Well, both allow you to develop an e-commerce site. And both are different in their own ways. How do you choose which is better between them?

In this article, we describe the key differences between Shopify and WordPress that you should know and which To Pick. 

First, let’s know 

What is Shopify? 

  • People prefer Shopify to develop an e-commerce store for the very basic level, even if you are not having any knowledge of coding you can develop an e-commerce site.
  • Need not need any developer’s help as Shopify need not consist of any coding part for the basic level.   
  • Shopify is a paid tool that varies from 29$ to 299$.
  • For example, if someone wants to sell goods, service providing or any platform they can access through Shopify. Users can have different kinds of designs to develop any tool.
  • Shopify consists of different end-to-end templates ranging from website templates to payment procedures. All the templates will be ready, our basic task is to choose the best and required one. 

What is WordPress?

  • WordPress is one of the simplest ways to create a website or a blog.
  • WordPress development is an open-source management system, which means that anyone can use WordPress for free of cost. 
  • Through WordPress, anyone can develop a website that can be accessed throughout the world.
  • The basic advantage of WordPress is that WordPress supports users to write the best content for their websites even without any knowledge about programming language.
  • Over 40% of the websites across the internet use WordPress for the development of their websites.
  • The interesting fact is that Big MNCs like Microsoft use WordPress for developing their official pages.

Key Differences You Should Know & Which To Pick

You should have the correct knowledge of what you want on your site and also on Shopify and WordPress. Then you can choose according to your requirements 

When to use Shopify over WordPress

Users of Shopify provide a customized eCommerce solution to everyone. Shopify has the best quality for providing templates to its users and to get amazed anyone without any coding skills can also develop their own websites.

Shopify has an attractive environment where uses can build their basic websites within minutes and can provide business to others. Shopify can solve any kind of problem for its customers fastly. A response team works with problems faced by customers. 

Getting into Shopify is very easy. When to use Shopify:- 

  1.  High-end e-commerce websites can be launched within less time and with high quality.
  2. Anyone without skills such as maintaining, coding, designing, etc. can use Shopify.
  3. An offline store can be maintained using Shopify. 
  4. Shopify has a great response team to support customers.

It is the responsibility of Shopify in terms of security. They are responsible for website bleaches and data security.

When to use WordPress over Shopify

Sometimes WordPress is also called a powerhouse, it is fully fetched software and can handle any kind of website. As we discussed before WordPress is open-source, once installed in systems we can launch websites being a host.

WordPress is also used for blogging, it does not support e-commerce features. These features of e-commerce can be accessed through Woocommerce. Along with Woocommerce, we need many more plugins such as branding, social media, etc.

Someone with a basic understanding of PHP and FTP can be comfortable while working with WordPress.

When to use WordPress:-

  1. WordPress users can easily understand the interface of woocommerce for developing e-commerce websites.
  2. It is open-source, no-cost required to develop websites and blogs.
  3. This can be used for long-lasting services. 

WordPress is not responsible in terms of security to the developed websites because this is open-source. Services are free of cost but security to websites must be given through their sources like PHP. 

Final words 

Now you can have a clear idea of WordPress vs Shopify. You have to see comfort with the e-commerce site. Each one has its own importance and there may be many e-commerce developing websites leaving WordPress and Shopify. But according to your requirement, you have to choose the best.