Here is the best way who are looking for a combination of commerce and content using WordPress to stay up in the era of digital commerce. 

In the starting era of word press, it was a blogging tool. If anyone wants to launch a blog into a website then you have to download the PHP setup files from the PHP website to your system. 

Using FTP software, anyone can upload their files to the server and run the file. In the beginning era of WordPress, it would take around half an hour to launch a blog.  

According to the survey by Google, in the last of the year 2019, nearly 37% of the websites are developed by WordPress. From the beginning, WordPress was having a phenoms explosion. 

WordPress is only used to host blogs. It is now having around 61% occupancy in the CMS market.   

In this article, we are discussing the role of WordPress in the era of digital commerce 

How blog is different from Website CMS

  1. CMS is a software tool that is installed into a server used for developing and managing a complete website. 
  2. CMS has the option of capture the user’s attention by providing a framework and interface to develop a new website.
  3. Blogs are completely different when compared with websites.
  4. The home page is the important page to provide the most important and attractive information about your site for the visitors of your website. 
  5. updating your website frequently is not necessary, but it is necessary to have a record of how many times you update to maintain the search engine optimization and user engagement for the success of your blog.

Reasons to choose WordPress Development for digital commerce 

  1. At an early age, WordPress was created to manage blogs with the installation of PHP files in the server.  
  2. Most of the PHP programmers had pitched WordPress as it is an open-source and evolved WordPress in the complete system of web technology.
  3. The major advantage of WordPress development is that you have a front and back end separately. You can have the option to change the theme of the website or blog according to your requirement. 
  4. Apart from all these features, WordPress can extend the functionalities with various plugins. 
  5. WordPress has a system called content management system which is used to optimize the speed for users. No one likes a system with low speed.

Steps to set up a blog/website from WordPress

  1. A database is required to set up.
  2. After login into WordPress, a dashboard appears with a lot of inbuild designs and templates.
  3. You can also choose templates of web pages or blogs.
  4. After choosing a template, you can integrate the template with different kinds of plugins.
  5. From here the process is to launch the website by adding content into templates.

Managing of business: Using of Digital Commerce Website

It is easy to handle websites developed by WordPress. Almost all the website hosts nowadays are giving a one-click setup service.  The friendly interface enables you to install and activate your WordPress website within the cPanel. It is not required even to write a single code in PHP. 

Setting up an e-commerce website is difficult compared with any other website or blog. But in 2020, to develop and maintain many companies are using WordPress for their e-commerce sites because of sheer simplicity and an array of plugins that are available in WordPress.

To grab the client’s attention, we suggest WordPress. With lots of creativity and vision, anyone can develop an amazing website to have a good online business.

As WordPress provides the best templates, anyone can choose a template to develop a website. This ability of WordPress makes users comfortable while choosing better designs and templates. WordPress provides a lot of plugins to make the website efficient enough and make a well-secured interface. 

WordPress Development will not allow accommodating digital commerce. To add items, we need to have a plugin or an addon that will help you to see inventory handled under different classes for your website. Plugins like WooCommerce are used in WordPress that help you to develop programs in WordPress. Among the oldest WordPress addons, WP eCommerce runs on digital commerce websites.