Choosing .NET for your next project is a great decision. It contains all the necessary features that support the development of a lot of applications. However, merely choosing .NET is not enough. As .NET is a versatile platform which supports various platforms, implementation of specific technologies, over 60 programming languages, and also different styles of development, you need to be sure of the type of dot net development service you want to get. 

If you do not have a complete idea at the start, you may be wasting time and other resources as the service may not suit your needs or in worst cases, may suit your specific requirement well, but does not integrate well with your methods of development. In this article, we will explain the various categories that are available in .NET development services based on which you can further refine your decisions.

One best and obvious way of categorizing .NET development services is to base it on what kind of application is developed. So going on that way, we categorize .NET development services as Web application development, enterprise application development and mobile application development.

You may already know the main categorizations of Web, Enterprise and mobile app development. In addition to them, there are also certain fine details that underpin more levels of categorization that you need to be familiar with. Let us see each one.

Type of Dot Net Development Services:

1. Web application development:

Web application caters to the services of building web pages and also servers. ASP.NET is the major framework that people use to develop web applications with .NET. Based on the skills and favored development methodology of each user, ASP.NET has three ways of developing applications: WebForms, MVC and Web Pages. Some ways are simple and some are complex but allow more complex web apps to be built.

2. Enterprise Application Development:

While .NET generally has implementations that would let developers build applications for all personal computer platforms, there are more specialized frameworks for developing applications and Services for Windows. .NET also provides powerful ways for building Graphical User Interfaces of Windows. So, if your application focuses on windows and needs windows specific services, make sure you select .NET development service that caters to windows.

3. Mobile Application Development:

Though might not be the most popular one, .NET also has different features that help for development of mobile applications. So, you may also find Dot NET development services catering to mobile development.

A particular thing to look out is that there are two frameworks that aid mobile development — Xamarin and Mono. You may have a specific reason to go for .NET for mobile app development, so you need to make sure that the framework being used for your app development is aligned with your interests.

4. Other Specialized Services:

In addition to the general purpose libraries and features of .NET, some requirements may also need cloud computing technology or implementation of AI & ML algorithms. Specialized .NET development services for cloud computing, AI & ML and IoT also exist.

There also exist more specialized services like .NET Migration which would migrate your old .NET source code into newer versions also with other development methods you like.

Final Words:

.NET’s versatility in aiding the development of various kinds of applications also give specific development services each associated with certain facets of the particular application. Choosing the right type of dot net development services early on would save a lot of time and energy for both you and the service provider!