Depends on what you need. Go language sure has lots of advantageous features but it has its tradeoffs. If you want to use go for yourself or want to hire Golang developer for your golang projects for you, here are some of the reasons why I think Golang needs to be considered.

  • Go language supports the development of highly scalable software. With its simplicity and built-in support for concurrency, it can provide easier and performant solutions.
  • The goroutines, which is one of the main components in concurrency for Go language, might seem similar to the thread in Java but is opposite to it. While Goroutine is a combination of the async approach in Javascript and multithreading in Java, Goroutines are non-blocking and do not gobble up memory.
  • While Go provides a way to easily implement concurrency, it cannot prevent all the pitfalls of it. One of them is race conditions, for which Go provides a race detector that can detect the occurrence of race conditions. As it can detect the race condition after it happened, you cannot be assured that you can safely use race detection and avoid the danger. However, the race detector comes pretty useful while testing so that it can detect the condition and you can work for solving it.
  • It’s compiled. As you might know, compiled languages are a lot faster than the interpreted ones. By being compiled, it adds another important layer for performance. Go also supports cross-compilation, which means that you can build your code for another target than the one you are currently working on!
  • Its standard library is great. By using it, you can easily accomplish a range of high-level tasks.
  • Its standard library includes great test frameworks too. They have good support for parallel testing, benchmarks and also contain a lot of utilities for testing the network servers and clients.
  • It hugely supports the development of Web applications and applications that involve a lot of networking. It is no wonder as it was designed from the start while keeping web applications in mind!
  • Go also has a language defined proper structure of the code which lets different people stay on the same page with their code. It also provides a code formatting tool that can format your code for adherence to its standards.
  • It provides a handy automatic documentation tool called Godoc. Similar in result to Docstring in Python and Javadoc in java, it parses your source code along with the functions and comments and produces fairly clean documentation of your code in either HTML or plaintext format.
  • Go has an optimized Garbage collector that, you may already know, helps manage memory safety. It helps you to avoid the memory leakages when you might forget to release the unused memory.
  • Go is certainly good for a career. Golang has powered many web applications and its popularity continues to grow. Many companies would continue to hire developers who are skillful in Golang.

Due to the above and many other reasons Golang projects is used to build for various application areas that are mainly geared for the back end. If you want to develop GUI based applications or do some serious machine learning, Go may not be the language for you. If you are considering to hire Golang developer, why don’t you try our Golang company that provides affordable and high-quality services for you!