Developing your entire backend of a website is one thing — but actually getting it live and making it usable is the importhat phase. The common way that many people go is to take up hosting space and getting their website live.

However, other than general hosting solutions, managed hosting solutions are getting more popular lately. In this article, let us understand what managed hosting solution is, why you need it and discuss one of the best managed hosting solutions for PHP application — Cloudways.

What is a Managed PHP Hosting and Why take it?

In a general hosting environment, you have to take care of much of the configuration and make sure everything is safe and up-to-date. This brings a lot more pressure than the one you already have in building the website.

These days in which performance is very important and also other aspects of user experience, it is best to leave the low end tasks to professionals and take care of the core functionality that the site offers. Managed PHP hosting takes care of much of all technical things regarding servers like security, performance and more which lets you focus on what’s important.

Features of Cloudways:

Cloudways features so huge and detailed that it might not be possible to list every single one of them in full detail. However, we will list some of the important ones so that you can see how great Cloudways is for hosting your PHP site.

1. Easy setting up and initialization

With Cloudways, setting up your entire server environment is very easy and takes literally few clicks.

You have the complete freedom of choosing a cloud provider. Cloudways work with a range of cloud service providers including Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud.

Installing your required framework is also hassle free. Much of all popular frameworks of PHP like WordPress, Laravel, Symfony and more can be installed and set up with a single click!

2. Huge emphasis on Security, Performance and Reliability

Security and performance are paramount for any web application these days and Cloudways puts a huge emphasis on Security and performance for your site. Just as they say, they give managed security with managed hosting.

It has a ton of security features including a Dedicated firewall, single click SSL installation, two factor authentication and lot more. For High performance and load balancing, it uses a slew of technologies which it dubs as the “Thunder Stack”. The Thunder stack ensures maximum uptime and performance of your web applications. It includes

It also has a native CDN which allows it to deliver your site globally really fast.

3. Collaboration

Building large and complex web applications need you to collaborate with a lot of people. Cloudways contains various features that aim to make collaboration ready. You can work on multiple application with multiple people. You have powerful access control features at your disposal where you can assign people to tasks and provide limited or full access to the applications.

4. Staging Environment for testing and development

There would be alot of times where you need to upgrade and add certain new things to your website. In that scenario, a staging area would be better to develop on and test the new site before it actually goes live.

Cloud ways provide a dependable staging environment that you can use. You can deploy your test sites in this area where you test it with all sorts of test cases and only when it meets all the requirements, can you finally push it live to the world.

5. Excellent Support

It is inevitable and common to run into various issues. Not only giving excellent service, Cloudways also have an exception support system which is live 24/7/365. You have everything you expect for services: live chat, tickets and more.

Final Words

In these days where almost everyone is moving to cloud and leaving management of many things to cloud providers, it would also be a good idea to take up a managed hosting environment for PHP rather than having an environment that you must manually take care of.

Cloud ways is one of the best managed hosting platforms that you can use for your PHP application. It has many useful features like emphasizing Security, performance and reliability, Easy setup and initialization of servers you want to use including choosing the cloud providers, staging environment and more.

With all the benefits you get from Cloudways, it is a little bit pricier than normal hosting environments. However it removes all the extra burden and such that the price is worth it! Cloudways has pay as you go policy so you only pay for what you use!