NET is one of the best technologies for building a wide range of applications for any platforms. However, with new and other technologies growing in popularity over the years, .NET sure has a lot of competition.

Among this competition, there are questions and concerns from newcomers and developers for .NET alike as if we can choose/stay with .NET development in 2020.

Short answer? Yes! Choosing dot net development in 2020 is perfectly a good choice. 

Dot NET has been still highly popular till now and there are no significant reasons for it to decrease anytime soon. Let us see some of the prominent features of it that are still relevant and standout:

Flexibility of .NET:


Using .Net, people can develop almost all sorts of applications. It contains useful features that support Web applications, Desktop Enterprise applications, Mobile applications too. It also contains inbuilt support for many different styles of web application development.

Aside from general purposes, .NET provides powerful libraries that aid for that cloud application development, implementing algorithms of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and also for Internet Of Things.

Support for different languages:


Every developer would use the programming language they find the best. With the power of Common Language Infrastructure and Common Language Runtime, developers can use more than 60 programming languages to develop applications for .NET platform! Not only do all these languages work together as a final unit, developers can also use the code from one language into another making it more efficient!

Performance & Scalability:


Dot NET works really fast and provides results within no time. The Just In Time compiler manages the execution of the .NET program considering all of the programming languages in which its components are written and makes sure that the end result is highly performant.

Also, .NET applications scale really well, that is, even though your application is being accessed by a large and increasing number of people simultaneously, the application would not break down and provides accurate results and behaves predictably.

Security provided is still considerable:


The Common Language Runtime (CLR) of the .NET platform , which is akin to Java Virtual Machine provides a host of security features other than running code of different languages.

An important one of them is that It provides garbage collection which makes sure that your programs have no memory leaks which may cause unexpected things to happen. The best thing with garbage collection is that it does not have significant performance delays !

With the Microsoft and Open source community continuously working to develop .NET, the future of it is highly secured and it is sure to evolve for meeting all the demands. A great community is always important as in addition to aiding for the overall development of the Software, it also encourages and solves the issues of developers.

All of the power and popularity of Dot Net is beneficial for both employers and job seekers — employers would find the developers for building their required application and job seekers would have ample opportunities to work on!