Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team

Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team

IT is a rapidly growing industry all across the world. The industry has seen growth in terms of both length and breadth, foraying into almost all walks of life. Consequently, an uncountable number of specialized and dedicated technologies have emerged, each serving a particular purpose. At a time of such rapid growth, it has become increasingly difficult for the IT firms to recruit, train and retain specialized talents in the variety of these technologies. Further, the requirements of specialized manpower in the industry are largely unpredictable and fluctuating, varying from project to project. Given all of this, the lack of IT staff and specialist manpower can become a big headache for many firms, and also an obstacle in their growth prospects. But worry not, there’s a solution. Codism’s Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team services are your rescues! At Codism, we provide special IT manpower outsourcing services for the various needs of our clients, at the best of industry standards and terms. Read on to know more about our Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Team services.

Staff Augmentation codism

Staff Augmentation Services by Codism

Codism is a well established software services company with a proven track record. We provide a complete range of end to end IT solutions to our clients, including web development, app development, desktop applications, DevOps, Integration, testing and many more. To serve the best interest of our clients, by providing superlative services in each of these fields, we have with us a large number of in-house developers, engineers, and IT professionals.

Each of our employees has been recruited following a stringent recruitment process. Needless to say, our professionals are well trained, experienced and competent.

We provide staff augmentation services in the following fields/technologies:

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    Web Development Professionals

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    Android App Developers

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    iOS Developers

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    Software Engineers

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    React Native Developers

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    Node.js developers

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    Software Testing & QA Experts

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    WordPress Developers

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    Magento Developers

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    UI/UX Expert

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    …..and many more.

Importance of Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams

Time Saving

Along with the costs, staff augmentation helps in saving a lot of time and effort for you. Manpower can be swiftly outsourced from a reliable firm like Codism, and the time you would otherwise devote to searching, recruiting and deploying candidates is nowhere in the scene.

Cost Cutting

Opting for staff augmentation can be a great cost cutting measure for projects and your overall business prospects. The investment that one needs to make in staff training, up skilling and retention is all saved, and you need not think about the costs before taking up big and diversified projects, at least as far as manpower is concerned.

Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Teams

Best Resources

Another key advantage of staff augmentation is that you are able to clearly differentiate and analyze between the kinds of manpower that is required for a particular project. You can pick and choose, and hire the best of human resources for your projects.

Business Prospects

Staff Augmentation allows you the freedom to grow your business far and wide. Most of the times, a firm would turn down a major project due to the lack of staff or expertise that is required for it. With staff augmentation, manpower becomes the last thing to worry about, and you can grow your business in any direction that you want, backed by a reliable outsourcing partner.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation refers to a popular outsourcing strategy now prevalent in the IT industry. Using this strategy, organizations are able to staff the projects that come their way and respond to the strategic business prospects. The process is simple – Organizations first evaluate the skills and competencies of their existing staff, and then the additional requirements are determined. This way, it becomes possible to make the best out of the existing manpower, and also leverage the advantage of outsourced services as and when required.

The popularity of staff augmentation can be attributed to the fact that the requirement of diversified software skills has gone up, while the budgets of companies who need the same have gone down.

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Why Choose Codism for Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff Augmentation is a tricky business. It’s not just about outsourcing of manpower but has a lot to do with mutual trust between the supplier and the client. Only collaboration with a highly professional and trustworthy brand like Codism can bear the desired results for you. Here we give you some reasons why to choose us, and how we can prove to be the best offshore IT manpower supplier for your business.

done Professionals Delivers Best Quality

Codism puts a lot of effort in building its team, and we ensure that each one of our employees is the best in his or her technology.

done Most Diversified Job Roles

At Codism, we are an all-round IT services company, providing a wide range of services to our clients. We have with us experts from all the fields of IT, who you can outsource for your projects.

done Flexibility

Flexibility is the most important factor that determines the success of a staff augmentation strategy. We have nurtured our service model to be highly flexible, to adjust to the individual needs of the client.

done Professionalism

As an IT company that comes with years of experience and several successful projects to its credit, professionalism is our Hallmark. We believe in delivering on the promise, meeting the deadlines and adhering to the agreed terms – all which is required for a successful staff augmentation strategy to flourish.

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