Prototyping and MVP Development

Prototyping and MVP Development by Codism

All great software products start from an initial idea. It is always about a vision, and then it is about realizing that vision. Realizing the vision ought to follow a definite process, going through certain set milestones, and then a formidable product is built. At Codism, we help you in your quest for the best quality products and take you through this journey. This first step is being prototyping and development of a minimum viable product.

Codism being software services building superlative quality products has always focused on following the correct path of product development. We focus not just on the technical superiority of products, but also give due consideration to the business aspects of it. Therefore, over the years, we have developed an expertise in the prototyping of products as the first stage of product development. Prototyping and MVP Development have helped our clients in multiple ways, and it can be the deciding factor for the success of your upcoming projects as well!

What is Prototyping?

Prototyping refers to the process of converting a business idea or a product concept into something concrete. In other words, Prototyping can be understood as the development of the first iteration of a product, also called the ‘Minimum Viable Product’. Minimum viable product (MVP) is a basic version of a product, having features just enough to satisfy the needs of the early customers. The purpose of the MVP is to observe how the customers react to the basic features of the product, how they receive it and how they interact with it. It is only after taking all of these things into account that the features of the product are further developed and expanded.

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The Prototyping and MVP Development services offered by Codism

prototype design by codism

Prototype Design / POC Demo Development

Startup firms often require structured and presentable prototype to pitch it in from of the investors and prospective customers. We develop dedicated POC demos for this purpose, optimized to put the best of the product forward.

prototype design by codism

Pilot MVP Development

Once you have identified your target market, it is important to act swiftly and build a usable version of your product. This version should be fully equipped with a good UI/UX and database connectivity. At Codism, we deliver this usable product to be ready of real use within 3-5 months.

Single Feature MVP

The purpose of a prototype is to present the basic solution to a primary problem, before introducing additional allied features of it. At Codism, we build something called as a ‘Single Feature MVP’, which cuts all the clutter and helps you develop a killer initial feature that catches all the attention and strikes a chord with your initial audience.

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Prototyping and MVP Development

Why Choose Codism for Prototyping and MVP Development

Prototyping forms the very base of your upcoming software product. It is important to build a high quality MVP to make sure that it leads to a stellar product. Here we give you 5 quick reasons why we can build great software prototypes for you, and lead you to unprecedented business success. Here’s why you should choose us:

done Best in industry Professionals

Codism puts a lot of effort in building its team, and we ensure that each one of our employees is the best in his or her technology. We have to our disposal a diversified and highly competent team of professionals, who understand the concepts of MVP Development very well.

done Flexibility

Our client servicing strategy at Codism is highly flexible, as we believe in catering to the individual needs of our clients. When working with Codism, you can always discuss and give suggestions, which we would readily incorporate into the development process.

done Support Services

At Codism, our job doesn’t end by just delivering your prototype to you. We provide all round services fulfilling the further product needs, through our continued support and maintenance services.

done Competitive Pricing

We understand that the budgets in the IT projects are mostly constrained. Further, startups and budding organizations which mostly avail prototyping services are scarcely funded. That’s why, despite the best in class services, we have kept the pricing of out prototyping and MVP Development services highly competitive.

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