Codeigniter Development Services

In the PHP framework of Codeigniter there is a huge functional library and with that, it becomes possible for the programmer to develop the code of the program from scratch. It is due to this PHP framework of Codeigniter what makes the application development process dynamic and fast.

The Best Codeigniter Development Services

Codism is a leading software development company that provides Codeigniter development service all over the world. It has highly qualified and experienced developers who have the ability to execute the software development requirements with value-added customer services. Codism has now become a highly development friendly platform that can provide the user with user-friendly PHP tools and applications.

Since its inception Codism has been providing its services for many renowned companies. Its application is found in many areas that include web development, customized codeigniter application development, integrated codeigniter development service, portal development, application migration service, up gradation service, Right Internet Application (RIA) as well as maintenance and service. The customers always remain satisfied with the services that are provided by Codism.

The best thing that you can find in Codism is that it always delivers flawless projects and makes the software application as per the necessities of the customers. It is actually the skill of the developers that make the Codism successful. However, you cannot ignore the service of the extraordinary PHP framework of Codeigniter that remained attached in the background in the success of Codism.

Codism has shown phenomenal growth in their business in the last few years due to their proven expertise developers, the versatility of their work, uniform management and outstanding thinking methodology.

Codeigniter Development Services

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is an open source PHP framework that was built in the year 2006 by Rick Ellis. Today Codeigniter has been used by almost all the renowned development company which offered appealing and secured applications. With the help of the PHP framework that is available in Codeigniter expertise in PHP can easily develop various PHP-based websites as well as applications. By using this open source PHP framework and along with the help of Model View Controller (MVC) architecture the PHP developers can build any extraordinary application.

With the help of PHP framework of Codeigniter, the developer has now enabled to create robust as well as scalable applications. Codeigniter PHP framework provides such a powerful platform that it also becomes possible to manage multiple databases in a single application.

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    Easy and hassle-free migration from server hosting to dedicated server hosting.

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    Easy to learn, adopt and deploy.

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    Easy handling and customizing.

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    A new functionality has been applied without affecting the customization at all.

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    Offers flexibility and easy management With MVC based framework.

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    Active Record Implementation is simply superb and easy to remember.

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    Provides easier configuration and customization of configuration files.

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    Facilitates easy working with a variety of developers.

Advantages of Codeigniter PHP Framework

While developing the PHP application Codism uses the exceptional PHP framework of Codeigniter that comes up with the following major benefits:

Codeigniter PHP Framework comes up with an open source web application framework with the help of which the PHP developers can create any type of PHP programs without any difficulties.

Codeigniter PHP Framework has a huge collection of libraries and while it is used there is no need to learn any other templating language for the developers.

The installation process of Codeigniter is very easy and it is also easy to migrate from one server to another. Moreover, it allows various PHP versions and configurations.

Codeigniter Framework Development

Codeigniter PHP Framework has huge compatibility and can be used easily with any standard hosting accounts. It can provide exceptional performance and there is no restrictive coding rule in this framework and as a result, it becomes very easy to use for the developers.

Codeigniter PHP Framework is basically a Model View Controller (MVC) based framework and as such it offers huge flexibility and is very easy to manage. It thus offers excellent performance and makes the job of the developers very easy.


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We are proud to earn the tag of success by working on these Codeigniter development projects.

Why Choose Us?

100% Transparency

Codism as your codeigniter development company believes in keeping the development progress transparent with stakeholders. Our team of project management shares the weekly/daily updates with stakeholders on regular basis to keep you abreast with the progress of your application.

On-Time Delivery

Codism has been successful in meeting the project deadlines for all our clients. Codism shares the project plan prior to the development with it’s client in terms of project deadlines. As we understand time-lines is key to generate your investors interest in your product.

Flexible Engagement Model

Having the right engagement model for your product is essential to plan a better Go to Market strategy. Codism is flexible enough for fixed cost based project and also Time and Material based project. We are open to discuss your project MVP and get it done to a point, where it needs to be.

Competitive Pricing

Every Software project begins with having the set budget in mind. We are competitive with pricing as we have an offshore development center and all the implementation is been carried out at our off shore development center. We as a company do consult our clients with setting the right investment plan to drive for your product.


Why choose Codism for developing any PHP web application?

Codism has been doing phenomenal work in its filed with the support of Codeigniter PHP Framework. The following are some advantages that almost Codism provides:

done Highly skilled developers

Most of the developers of Codism are highly proficient in understanding as well as in handling the MVC architecture. They usually have an immense knowledge of working on any platform. They used to take the maximum advantages of Codeigniter and as such, they are found to deliver the best to their client.

done Error-free work and timely delivery

It is mostly seen that the customer who had availed the service from the Codism always receives an error-free work. This is because the team of Codism understands the requirements of the clients and they are habituated in delivering on the deadline.

done High flexibility and proven track record of excellence

Codism has a proven track record of excellent work mainly on the web and PHP development. The developers of Codism are highly flexible and are highly dedicated towards their work. Even the developers who are a pioneer in Codeigniter PHP framework remains available for both part time and full time.

done Best support service

Codism provides you the best support service. The developers are always with you to provide you all kind of assistance. In Codism the project is never over after delivering but is monitored constantly. Apart from that during the on-going project you can monitor the progress of the work and as such, it is mostly seen that the project is completed in a timely manner and the quality of the project is more than what the client expects.

done Best offered price

At Codism we understand as well as respect the budgets of our clients. For the startups and budding organizations, we mostly offer the lowest rate. But we never compromise with the quality. At Codism you will always get a very competitive price for any PHP based application or web.

All these are vital reasons why it is very essential to approach Codism if you need any PHP application or web development. With the help of Codeigniter PHP framework, Codism always provides its clients the best service and they have till now a record of delivering the most result oriented PHP application and web development to their ultimate customers in deadline.

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